2017 Fashion Trends for Jewelry

A continuing trend that drives designer’s picks for fashion colors is the consumers’ drive for individuality, fashion, and escapism. People in the market are looking for jewelry that will make them more fashionable. Sometimes people can go for a more adventurous and daring piece of jewelry, and sometimes people can accessorize with subtle jewelry. Whatever the choice is for the day, no one can go wrong with putting on some few fabulous jewels.

If one wants to pull out an adventurous look, luckily the latest industry predictions for Spring 2011 show that designers have opted for colors on the opposite side of the color spectrum. This spring is in it for vivid, bright, and lively colors. So how can anyone go wrong throwing on a amethyst ring, or a aquamarine one. Even a black diamond ring can throw off anyone’s outfit. Colors are in for this spring. Citrine earrings, blue topaz earrings, aquamarine earrings, pink sapphires, and smoky topaz earrings can really brighten up your wardrobe, and you will definitely fall into this seasons latest trend. Gems are also always enriched with deep and vivid colors, and at CoutureLineX all of these mentioned colors and jewelry are available. Remember bright colors are going to make you pop, and there is no problem looking dazzling this spring.

Another popular trend this season, are the neutral colors that play the backbone for all other colors to play on. These nude hues leave an honest vibe that makes anyone relaxed, calm, and approachable. Even gold is trending in this style. Any type of gold chain, ring, or earrings, can give someone a relaxed style, and also look very trendy for this season. Smoky Topaz earrings would be a great example to following this trend, and can be viewed at CoutureLineX. This light brown gives a haze to one’s look, looking fresh and ready for spring! You can also mix up your look with a garnet and diamond mixed earring, giving you a fresh look, which is parallel to the neutral colors giving off this season.

Going for a subtler look? No one can go wrong having a white diamond ring. A regular diamond can give off your presence in a classy and even a flirtatious way. If diamonds are not your thing, throw on a classic pearl necklace. Every one should have at least one pearl necklace in their jewelry box. Having a simple necklace around your neck won’t do you wrong either.

Wearing socks with sandals is suddenly fashionable

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Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa discovery

Leonardo’s famous portrait has long been thought to be of Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a Florentine silk merchant. It is thought the Renaissance master painted it between 1503 and 1517 while he worked in Florence, and then later in France.

However, Cotte has used Layer Amplification Method (LAM), a process of projecting a series of intense lights on to the painting and measuring their reflections to see how it was created.

Cotte, a LAM pioneer, explained in the BBC Two documentary The Secrets of the Mona Lisa: “We can now analyse exactly what is happening inside the layers of the paint and we can peel like an onion all the layers of the painting. We can reconstruct all the chronology of the creation of the painting.”

After reconstructing the layers found underneath the surface of the Mona Lisa, Cotte said: “I was in front of the portrait and she is totally different to Mona Lisa today. This is not the same woman.”

Instead of the front-on gaze of the Mona Lisa, this hidden portrait shows a woman looking off to the side. Cotte also claims the secret sitter has a larger head and nose, bigger hands and, importantly, smaller lips than those used for the famous Mona Lisa smile.

The change in sitter could be the key to a totally different history behind the portrait. Andrew Graham Dixon, the art historian presenting the documentary, claims that “if this computer image represents the original portrait of Mona Lisa, it was a portrait her husband never received. Instead, Leonardo went on to paint the world’s most famous picture over the top.”

Some historians, however, are reluctant to believe the hidden portrait is of another woman. Martin Kemp, Emeritus Professor of the History of Art at the University of Oxford, says Cotte’s claims are “untenable”.

He told the BBC: “[Cottes images] are ingenious in showing what Leonardo may have been thinking about. But the idea that there is that picture as it were hiding underneath the surface is untenable.

“I do not think there are these discreet stages which represent different portraits. I see it as more or less a continuous process of evolution. I am absolutely convinced that the Mona Lisa is Lisa.”

The history of the world’s most famous painting has been riddled with identity crises, however. Within decades of the Mona Lisa being painted, speculation began that there were a pair of similar portraits. In 1584, an artist named Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo wrote that “the two most beautiful and important portraits by Leonardo are the ‘Mona Lisa’ and the ‘Gioconda.’”